Message of ICCS president Patrick James


Dear Colleagues, Dear friends,
Eight months have lapsed since the Annual General Meeting in Ottawa and during that time the Executive Committee and the Secretariat have been very busy working very hard to follow up on several important dossiers, mainly seeking solutions and alternative funding and trying to reduce costs for the Secretariat, etc. Nevertheless, we would like to inform you on the following items:
Executive Committee Meeting
The Executive Committee met on October 29 in Ottawa at the new offices of the Secretariat where we discussed several items including the Development Committee, the future of the IJCS, the 2013 AGM in Toronto, finances, the future of ICCS, etc. The next meeting will be held in Ottawa on March 5, 2013 and will continue our efforts to meet with key people in the private sector.
Development Committee
We are very grateful to Danny Ben-Natan who has been very active in seeking alternative funds to help ICCS. We are pleased to announce that he has secured $20,000 for this year and hopefully for the next five years under the President’s Circle for the Support of the Study of Canada (See document attached).  We would like to seek your help on this matter with suggested names for possible contacts.
2013 AGM Toronto
You will receive all the necessary information for the AGM at the beginning of February 2013 in a separate message.   
I would like to inform you that after careful consideration and consultation with our lawyers, regarding the matter of the re-election of the present Members at large, you will receive shortly a letter from the Nominating Committee with information and details on the procedures to be followed in full accordance with our Constitution. 
The Secretariat has done an excellent job in this transition process and as you already know have moved to a reduced office space in order to save on general expenses. Unfortunately, our Communications Officer left the Secretariat on August 31, 2012 leaving only 2 employees full time and two employees part time.
International Journal of Canadian Studies:
We have discussed the possibility of accepting a proposal from University of Toronto Press to help us with the journal especially now in these difficult times therefore we will inform you on the results at a later date.
Conference Proceedings
With respect to publishing I can inform you that our past Past-President, Klaus-Dieter Ertler, and the Secretariat are presently working on the completion of the proceedings of the Ottawa conference Cultural Challenges of Migration in Canada. Publication of the proceedings is expected before June 2013.
I conclude my letter by thanking you for your patience and my best wishes for the New Year which I hope will be a better one.
Patrick James,