CBC seeks Canadianist opinions!


Canadianists from outside of Canada or the U.S., the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) wants your opinion!

For Canada Day, CBCNews.ca, the news website of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, wants to look at Canada's image abroad. Rather than do a standard news story, they want to give their audience the views of experts from many parts of the world, in their own words:

"We want to hear from people outside of Canada or the United States. You could be an ex-pat Canadian or you may not have even visited Canada. 
We are asking you to write one or two paragraphs, which we need to receive by the morning of July 1, Toronto time, since the story will be published that day.  We hope for a variety of views, a variety of perspectives and a variety of tones, including humorous and serious. If it helps to write as if answering a question, you could choose to address one or more of these: 

How is Canada perceived in your region of the world? 

How has the view of Canada changed over the last few years? 

What does Canada mean to your part of the world? 

How is Canada's role in world affairs perceived in your region? 

How has that changed over the recent past, if at all? 

How are Canadians regarded? 

What you write does not need to answer any of those questions. 

Also, it would be good to include a photo of yourself on the page beside where your quote appears, so if you could attach one that you are fine with it appearing on the CBC website, that would be helpful. And if there is a photographer who should be credited, let us know the name and we will include that below the photo. 

The webpage would have an explanatory introduction that I will write and then the quotes, to which I will add a sentence about the person quoted. If you do email me, of course I will send you the url for the webpage once it is published. " 

Interested in giving your opinion? Contact Daniel Schwartz: Daniel.Schwartz@cbc.ca